The Challenge

At Market Titans Agency we know that most people are not going to do what we want them to do within our marketing. They aren’t going to open the email, answer the phone, click the website or become a client right away – And that’s normal.

Therefore we focus on longevity based funnels that use behavioural dynamic response marketing, with contingency plans and specialised messages for specific behaviour.

Our proven funnel treats each prospect differently based on what they do. This means that if a prospect does not convert into a client, we have automatic contingency plans which aim to maximise the opportunity again and again to a total of 114 times.

While It’s been shown that it takes an average of 12 contacts before a sale is made, we believe that you have a duty to serve your marketplace at the highest level, and our proven funnel supports you in this mission. Without being spammy, annoying or pushy.

We achieve this through content that focuses on results in advance, that assists to pre-sell the client before they even speak to you, which helps to remove the “pressure of selling” from day to day practice.

The Execution

Using a series of dynamic content campaigns that adapt to the prospect’s interaction throughout the sales process, we always deliver a high level of engagement that drives actual business results.

This sets your business apart from competitors within the industry, who are using traditional marketing channels that treat all leads the same in a straight line format.

We call this adaptive content marketing funnel the “Capture and Convert System”.

It is truly an innovation within the professional service industry, which takes direct response marketing, email campaigns, SMS marketing, social media, content marketing, and adaptive marketing, and integrates them all to create a finely tuned, hands-free system that just works.

Its sole purpose is to capture your ideal prospects and convert them into qualified leads that come to you. This allows you to expand and grow your business quicker than ever before, by generating more leads and transforming those leads into clients with less resistance.

All the while removing any from of marketing from your hands and allowing you to focus on what you do best – Serving your clients and achieving your business goals.

With Our Capture And Convert system we will create you: 

  • check   Email Marketing Campaigns
  • check   Sales Automation
  • check   Online Advertising Campaigns
  • check   Social Media Advertising Campaigns
  • check   Marketing Webpage Design
  • check   Video Scripting And Design
  • check   Content Scripts And Graphics
  • check   A Top Paid Position On Google
  • check   Automated SMS Campaigns
  • check   Automatic Calander Booking Pages
  • check   A System To Score Leads

We build, design, create integrate and manage everything.

It’s our goal to remove as much of the marketing responsibilities from your day to day operations as possible.

We do all of this in 3 steps:


We locate your clients online using our “104 point targeting process” which will help us to scale your company towards its ultimate growth potential.

Estimated Time Input Required By You: 1 hour


We take the information provided and use it to begin building the Capture And Convert System. Removing as much of the marketing workload from you as possible.

Estimated Time Input Required By You: 5 hours


You’ll begin to see highly qualified leads being scheduled into your calendar as we begin moving your business into omnipresence.

Estimated Time Input Required By You: 2 hours

The Result

You can begin focusing on selling and serving more clients with what you do best. You didn’t get into your business to become a full-time marketer, nor should you have to.

You’ll have certainty, seeing highly quality leads automatically booked into your calendar. Leads that know, like, and trust you. Leads that understand not only the value you bring, but also the urgency in working with you immediately.

All you need to do is show up, talk to the lead, and serve your clients. We will handle the funnel building, management and the advertising that brings you the guaranteed business results daily.


If you want to:

  • check   Remove the fear of running out of leads so that you never feel like you’re “spinning your wheels”.
  • check   Wake up to leads being booked into your calendar so that you can just show up and help your clients
  • check   Have a complete hands free marketing system that brings you leads who understand the value and the urgency in working with you.
  • check   Generate up to a 1600% return on your advertising without being spammy, annoying or upsetting the marketplace
  • check   Never have to design another piece of marketing again, so you and your team can focus on selling and serving the marketplace
  • check   To have a full time team who runs, tweaks and refines your funnel so that it always generates the clients you need.

Then complete the form on this page to have a personal guided demonstration of our Capture And Convert System, and witness how effortless your business growth could be.

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