How To Grow Your Instagram Profile To Over 10,000 Real Followers Who Care About Your Brand…

Without changing what you post, spending anything on advertising, or hiring a social media manager.

Organic growth on Instagram can be slow and time consuming.

Maybe you’ve already been on Instagram for over 12 months, uploading content and seeing little to no growth in your account. Not to mention the invested time and energy to maintain it.

You’ve got a great visual brand that you want to share, show, and leverage through Instagram, but you feel that you’re just not generating the attention that it deserves.

Your account and your content are not the problem.

You need automation and scale.

That is where we come in.

We maintain dozens of Instagram accounts (both for our own businesses and for our clients) and we run hundreds of tests, which have allowed us to build the ideal system for maximising our results with Instagram.

This system has allowed us to generate upwards of 10,000 followers for our clients, while also driving 583 website clicks and 96 leads every 30 days.

All organic, all automated, no advertising and all real interaction.

DID YOU KNOW: The average cost per click in today’s market is $2.50 which means the 583 website clicks have an industry value equal to $707.50.

This strategy has been saving our clients time, money, and has been growing their brand on Instagram quicker than ever before.

Here’s how it works:

Using a mixture of tactics, we have been testing a strategy that grows Instagram accounts as we sleep. Our strategy mimics “real person interaction” rather than spamming the feed.

Our approach actively seeks to target your ideal followers, fans, and prospects through the use of Hashtags and your competitors.

(Yes you can finally steal your competitors or any followers from accounts that you may envy.)

From there your account will automatically leave relevant comments, while also liking their photos – just as if you were doing it yourself.

We are careful to ensure that every interaction resembles a real human connection, rather than spammy comments.

The commenting and liking will happen every single day, around the clock.

A large percentage of the accounts that we interact with on your behalf will naturally come back to your account and hit follow.

Again this is done in a very human realistic approach, to ensure a congruent experience that the receiver will enjoy.

Finally, your Instagram posts will appear towards the top of trending images for your desired hashtags.

This ensures that you’ll be generating a stream of new followers from the search function within Instagram, along with the interaction that we will be sending out into the marketplace daily on your behalf.

Will this work for me?

After 8 months of testing on a wide range of accounts, we are yet to find an industry that this strategy will not work in.

You will be required to post regular content, while also replying to your newly found fans who will be direct messaging your account with praise.

You won’t have to change your current posting strategy, or the times that you post.

You simply keep doing what you’re doing, and allow us to work around your actions behind the scenes while you benefit from the dramatically increased engagement and attention.

So if you would like to:

  • Generate a steady stream of followers every single day and begin moving your account into the spotlight of your industry…
  • Save time (and money) by growing your Instagram profile the right way…
  • Build a relationship with followers who are interested in your brand, and reach out to you on a daily basis…
  • Begin creating a return on investment from Instagram by driving traffic to your website, collecting leads, and opening up new opportunities (including sponsorship, partnerships, and media interviews)
  • Go from a few dozens “likes” on your posts to literally HUNDREDS or even THOUSANDS within a matter of days.

Then here is what you need to do.
You will need to visit from there you’ll be able to register for a 3-day trial of this service for free.

After the 3-day trial is complete and we have started to grow your Instagram, you will be charged our pre-release price of $129 every 30 days until you’re happy with the size of your account.

(In every client, we have discovered that they maintain their subscription to this service, as the benefits accumulate with every passing month and the account growth does not stagnate.)

After registering for the service at you will be taken to a short questionnaire that will allow us to begin setting up the system for you.

Don’t worry, this is nothing intrusive and is simply in place to ensure that we can begin within 24 hours.

We will ask questions about what hashtags you want to rank for and where you would like to send your followers (website, email list, other social media platforms) along with the username and password to your account.

NOTE: We only require the username and password to log into your account from behind the scenes to set up our system.

We will not be posting or editing your profile in any way, shape or form, without your permission. And we will not view any existing content or direct messages within your account.

We only require back-end access.

From there you will begin to see a growth in the number of likes your posts generate on a daily basis, and your followers, within 7 days.

You may also see your feed “change” while we execute our strategy. This is because we may have to follow a small percentage of accounts temporarily in order for them to follow you back. This change in the images that you see within your feed may only be temporarily and is only in place to benefit the growth of your account.

At the moment our agency only has the capacity to accept an additional 10 clients for this service per month.

There has been an internal waiting list for the previous 7 months to which we are now opening up to friends of our founder Jamie Stenhouse.

We’ve had a majority of our existing client base subscribe to this service, all of which have renewed their service month after month with great success.

Only a small number of people have received this invitation and we fully expect most of them to take immediate advantage of this 3-day free trial and discounted rate of $129 per month.

(In June we will be releasing this to the general public for $179 per month)

If you are interested in growing your Instagram profile, moving your brand into the spotlight of your industry, generating leads, expanding your brand and creating new opportunities then I urge you to visit and register for your 3-day free trial.

If we receive your request for a free trial after the next 6 positions have been filled, we will simply cancel your order to ensure that you do not get charged.

There is no risk in accepting this free trial offer.

If you’re not happy with our strategy, please email Jamie Stenhouse at within the 3-day period.

Visit and register for your 3-day free trial.