Founder Jamie Stenhouse is a strong believer that “If you have the ability to give back, then you should, no matter how small or large the impact is.”

Through every project, brand and company he has built, he strives to integrate a philanthropic aspect behind the scenes – Market Titans Agency is no difference.

With every complete build of our Capture And Convert System, Market Titans Agency donates a portion of the funding to the Guardian Angel Animal Rescue.


Guardian Angel Animal Rescue is a unique, private, non-profit organisation which provides a no-kill option by rescuing, rehabilitating and re-homing companion animals.

Guardian Angel Animal Rescue will lead by example to promote a larger and more compassionate vision of the way companion animals are valued by human beings. Guardian Angel Animal Rescue will make human education a priority.

Guardian Angel Animal Rescue will partner with the community in saving the lives of animals and to work together to ever-expand the network of rescues, fosters, volunteers and donors making life an option for animals.

If you wish to support this cause please make a donation via the Guardian Angel Animal Rescue website here: